In ATPERSON we are committed to the maximum international projection because we understand that it is the only way for building success, which allows us to develop, from an enriching and more competitive perspective, our services and values as an organization.

For this reason, we are in permanent contact with more than 300 organizations in Europe, Africa, America and Asia, participating in the networking of the European programs of Erasmus +, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, PRIMA, INTERREG, COSME and Horizon Europe, among others.

In this sense, at ATPERSON we collaborate with public and private organizations as leaders, partners, experts or advisers in the promotion and development of European and transnational projects in various sectors:

In addition, we also have the capacity for offering services for multimedia and transmedia products development, training and educational content design, reports and studies preparation, events organization, communication and marketing; through Voicce, our communication agency.

The most recent European projects that we lead or in which we participate are:

EART (Erasmus + KA2)

The EART (Educational and Entrepreneurship Art in Rural Territories) project offers a comprehensive and diverse training experience applied to heritage, creativity, arts and sustainability for rural youth, with a European global vision.


Digital and Social Transformation in Rural Tourism (DISTIRT) is a set of initiatives to support tourism SMEs in areas in demographic decline, where innovation, digital, social and green transformation act as an engine for development.

Supporting Best Practices for the Prevention and Treatment of Pathological Addictions (SBP4PeTPA – JUSTICE Programme)

The action aims to support people suffering from pathological addictions, which includes people suffering from pathological addictions to alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances and who make a pathological use of gambling. We intend to help these people through medical, psychological and legal support. We will prepare at least two points for the listening and help desk where people will be helped to understand their illness and will be empowered to enter into rehabilitation and care pathways.

SEVITRA (Sexual Violence Victims’ Rights Training– JUSTICE Programme)

The Sexual violence victims’ rights: a European cross-border vision for justice professionals project is a training programme aimed to making legal practitioners aware of the particularities of the processes that involve victims of sexual violence, from the moment of the criminal complaint, the accompaniment and the trial itself, until its relationship with the mediated public sphere.

Designing and Implementation of Blended Learning Activities by Involving All Prisoners, Probationers by Considering Measures for Ensuring Sustainable Social Inclusion (ERASMUS + KA220-ADU)

The main purpose of the project is to increase the participation of prisoners, ex-prisoners and addicts, in adult education activities, and to support their social inclusion and employment prospects. The project offers to design innovative practices, learning methodologies and policy recommendations that applicable all-across Europe encouraging the participation of different disciplines.

Healthy Masculinities Awareness Program (HEMAW – Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme)

HEMAW is a gender violence prevention project, with a focus on new masculinities, offering workshops to high school youth, which allow the construction of equitable and non-violent gender relations from youth, in which the safety and rights of women and girls take center stage. The workshops will be given during class hours, in coordination with the counselors of the centers, in one hour and focused on young men between 14 and 18 years of Compulsory Secondary Education, high school and VET; and we will also develop a manual of good practices, events for public communication of results and other results dissemination activities.

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